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Assay Development and Method Validation
Bioval Consulting - Mission

Bio-Val Consulting (BVC) is a small business committed to helping clients meet today's demands for regulatory compliance with their bioanalytical needs. BVC's mission is to condense drug development timelines and get products to market efficiently without compromising quality or budget.

Assay Development

Bio-Val Consulting offers breadth of experience and in-depth understanding of multiple bioanalytical processes, specifically for large-molecule ligand binding assays and cell based assays. BVC has 15 years experience stepping through all phases of assay development and validation, including proof of concept qualification, partial or full method validation, and technology transfer.

Bioval Consulting - Technical Writing

In addition, BVC offers a suite of technical writing products, such as assay training packages (complete with proficiency testing protocols, SOPs, laboratory forms), final reports, white papers, manuscripts, and business development packages (government and commercial proposals, PowerPoint slide decks).

Bioval Consulting - Solutions

BVC's clients will benefit from extensive experience gleaned from participating in over 50 combined non-GLP and GLP compliant studies, (preclinical and clinical) phases, providing practical solutions to technological challenges facing government and industry. BVC provides a unique value in that we offer both research and technical writing capabilities to facilitate expeditious completion of key steps along with a product's critical path to licensure.

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